Best Industrial Grade 3d Printer

The Best Industrial Grade 3D Printer is an advanced 3D printing technology that is designed to produce 3D objects with higher precision and accuracy than conventional 3D printers. It is used by a range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, engineering, and manufacturing. This advanced 3D technology offers superior printing speed, accuracy, and resolution, allowing businesses to produce a wide range of parts and components quickly and cost-effectively. Its unique features and capabilities make it an ideal choice for producing complex industrial-grade parts and components with superior quality and accuracy. With its advanced features, it can help businesses save time, money, and resources while producing highly precise and accurate parts.

The list of industrial-grade 3d printers will be arranged in value of money, and the price of each printer the least price 3d printers will be discussed first and then periodically we will discuss high-value 3D printers. Most industrial-grade 3d printers come in the range of 1800$ to 25000$ depending on functionality i.e speed, precision, and filaments used in those 3d printers. Even if your are beginner and your purpose is education then you can also go with low-cost 3D printers for under 200$.

Industrial 3D Printers


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 X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer

 i Fast Industrial Grade 3D Printer 

 A9 Pro 

JG-A600 Large Print Volume 

X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer ( Starting at 1800$ )

3D printing has changed the way we look at manufacturing, allowing us to create complex parts and products with ease. The X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer is the next step in this evolution, bringing advanced features and capabilities to the world of 3D printing. This industrial-grade 3D printer is designed to meet the needs of businesses and professionals who need to create high-quality parts quickly and accurately.

The X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer is built to last, with a durable aluminum frame and industrial-grade components. This printer uses an advanced extrusion system for precise and accurate prints, with a large build volume of 300 mm x 300 mm x 400 mm.

It also supports a wide range of materials, including PLA, ABS, nylon, wood, and metals. This printer is designed to be durable and can handle heavy use without any problems.

The X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer is packed with features that make it an ideal choice for industrial applications. For example, it includes an auto-leveling system to ensure prints are accurate and precise. It also has a heated build platform to ensure the filament adheres properly to the build surface. This printer is also compatible with a variety of slicing software programs, allowing for complete customization of prints.

In addition to its impressive features, the X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer has a user-friendly design. The large touchscreen makes operation easy, and the printer is designed to be as quiet as possible, so it won’t disrupt your workspace. The printer also has a removable build plate, so you can easily remove finished prints and start a new project.

The X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer is an excellent choice for professional 3D printing. It has a large build area, a heated build platform, and a dual-extruder system for added versatility. It is also user-friendly and can handle a wide range of materials. If you’re looking for a reliable 3D printer for industrial use, the X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer is a great option.


  • QIDI TECH has created the X-CF PRO 3D Printer, an innovative and reliable machine specially designed for printing carbon fiber and nylon filaments. 

  • Through the rigorous development of a new single extruder system, high-temperature alloy material and dual-gear extrusion, it can solve the accuracy and longevity issues that commonly arise when printing carbon fiber

  • Furthermore, a regular high-speed extruder can easily handle PLA, ABS, PETG, and other filaments. 

  • It also has a maximum printing speed of 120cc per hour and a new automatic intelligent leveling mode, with up to 20 points of travel calculation. It comes with a main core Cortex-M4 mainboard and TMC2208 driver chip, as well as a 5 inch HD capacitive display.

  • Introducing an all-new automated, intelligent leveling system that can take up to 20 points into account for calculating the optimum travel route. This upgraded software is the smartest yet, providing users with more efficient and precise parameters for printing both carbon fiber and nylon filaments, making it ready for use directly from the box. 

  • The mainboard comprises of a main core Cortex-M4 and TMC2208 driver chip, as well as a 800*480mm 5 inch HD capacitive display.New List Item

Carbon Fiber

Smart Fiber Reinforced Technology: The use of fiber mesh structure in the printing process can significantly enhance the mechanical properties and heat resistance of the material. Additionally, the internal stress is released, leading to excellent dimensional stability of the printed object and no warping. This ultimately results in a much better quality product.

Low Moisture Sensitivity: Modified PA12-CF, a long-chain nylon, has a significantly reduced rate of moisture absorption compared to ordinary PA6, eliminating the issue of changes in mechanical properties and dimensions caused by moisture.

Low Density: PA12-CF is one of the lightest FDM industrial printing materials, meeting the need for high strength and weight reduction in industrial applications.

Super Abrasive Resistance: PA12-CF has a low coefficient of friction and excellent wear resistance, making it an optimal choice for applications with high wear requirements, such as high-strength gears.

Exclusive carbon fiber fillament for  X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer (

UltraPA Nylon filament

Low Moisture Sensitivity: UltraPA, based on modified high-temperature nylon, offers unparalleled low moisture sensitivity, with its saturated moisture absorption rate being only one-tenth of ordinary PA6, effectively eliminating the mechanical properties and dimensional stability issues that regular nylon materials experience when exposed to moisture.

Strongest layer bonding performance: Moreover, it boasts the strongest layer bonding performance, with the layer adhesion of the single wall structure being 2-3 times that of ABS material and 1.5 times that of PLA material.

Super Abrasive Resistance: Additionally, UltraPA features super abrasion resistance due to its low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating properties and excellent wear resistance, making it suitable for a wide range of high-strength gears or industrial applications with high wear requirement.

Why X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer ?

Newly Upgraded XYZ Structure: The newly upgraded XYZ structure has industrial-grade manufacturing and dual z-axis, enabling high precision and rapid printing. To ensure the best performance, all the slides used are industrial grade.

Industrial Extrusion Structure: It comes with a set of high temperature extruder with the most modern single extruder system, which is constructed from high-temperature alloy material and dual-gear extrusion. This allows for the printing of carbon fiber and high-temperature nylon filaments. Additionally, it has a high-speed extruder which can handle PLA, ABS, PETG and other filaments.

Filament Runout Sensor: Which is capable of detecting the remaing filaments more intelligently.

Pros and Cons Of X-CF Pro

  • High-quality components for reliable performance
  • Enclosed build chamber for better temperature control
  • Ability to print with multiple materials
  • Fast, efficient printing
  • Easy to use interface
  • Limited build size

i Fast Best Industrial Grade 3D Printer

The iFast 3D Printer Industrial Grade Structure is designed to provide a reliable, high-performance 3D printing experience. It offers a variety of features, such as a closed-loop motion control system, an advanced cooling system, and a large build volume, that make it ideal for industrial-grade applications. As a result, it is capable of printing complex parts and objects with high accuracy and speed.

The iFast 3D Printer Industrial Grade Structure also features a heated print bed and nozzle, allowing for more consistent results during printing. The printer also features a self-leveling system, ensuring that the print bed is always level before printing begins. This helps to reduce the risk of warping or other undesired results during the printing process.

In addition to its performance capabilities, the iFast 3D Printer Industrial Grade Structure is easy to use and maintain. It comes with a complete set of tools and accessories, making it easy to set up and get printing. The printer also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to monitor the progress of prints and make any necessary adjustments.

Overall, the iFast 3D Printer Industrial Grade Structure is a great choice for those looking for a reliable, high-performance 3D printer. It offers a variety of features that make it perfect for industrial-grade applications, while still being easy to use and maintain. If you’re looking for a 3D printer that can handle complex parts and objects with speed and accuracy, the iFast 3D Printer Industrial Grade Structure is a perfect choice.


  • Faster printing: The Qidi dual Z-axis structure has a fully industrial-grade design, with all of the original motion parts upgraded to linear guides. The high temp extruder provides an improved filament extrusion speed, making the printing process more efficient and accurate. This design allows the printing speed to be accelerated by up to 20%, allowing up to 100cc of material to be printed per hour.

  • Filament Choice: Qidi iFast is a 3D printer that is capable of printing a wide range of filaments that are compatible with FDM 3D printers. This includes PLA, PLA+, ABS, PETG, NYLON and more. Furthermore, it features a heated chamber with the capability to reach a temperature of 60°C. Additionally, its advanced mechanical structure ensures the production of high-quality parts that are well-suited for manufacturing purposes.

  • Manufacturing Complex Parts: The Qidi iFast is outfitted with a dual extruder that can modify the left and right extruders up and down according to the software. Its PVA (water-soluble) support makes it a great choice for producing complex, detailed parts that require precision manufacturing.

  • High Temp Extruder for Metals: The iFast 3D printer is a high-quality 3D printer that is pre-installed with dual extruders. It prints at a speed of up to 100mm/s and has a print size of 330x250x320mm. This printer is durable and prints smoother than the normal brass nozzles which are available on the market

  • The QIDI printer is equipped with self-developed QIDI slicing software, two modes can be selected: normal mode and expert mode. The normal mode is suitable for novices, the parameter system has been intelligently set, no other operations are required, it is very simple. Expert mode is suitable for experienced users, who can deeply participate in modifying parameters and personalized printing models.

  • Large UI interface: This 3D printer is outfitted with an exclusive QIDI slicing program. It is available in two modes: normal and expert. The normal mode is perfect for newbies as the system has already been configured and there is no need for further adjustments. Expert mode, on the other hand, is suited for experienced users who can tinker with parameters and customize their printing projects.

Facts of i Fast 3D Printer

The Qidi i-fast is also Best Industrial Grade 3d Printer with an impressive piece of machinery, boasting a heated chamber capable of reaching temperatures up to 60°C for stronger industrial-grade parts and fixtures.

It is also equipped with an automatic dual extruder, which can automatically adjust the left and right extruders according to software commands.

Furthermore, this 3D printer can use metal filaments to print metal parts, such as Bafs 316 stainless steel filaments (which require post-processing sintering).

It is fitted with a dual Z-axis structure, which is driven by linear industrial guide rails and allows for faster printing speeds of up to 100cc/h. With these features, the i-fast 3d printer offers a more precise printing experience, enhancing the quality and speed of the prints.

Qidi Tech’s latest slicing software version 6.3.1 has been completely redesigned to provide a more user-friendly interface. It has optimized the slicing algorithm to improve the print quality by up to 30%, as well as the speed by up to 20%. This free software is compatible with all Qidi Tech 3D printers, enabling users to benefit from an alternative to paid software.

The Qidi iFast printer is capable of printing PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG, PVA and other filaments, while the high-temperature extruder supports Nylon, Carbon Fiber, PC, and other materials. Its large build volume of 330mm x 250mm x 320mm makes it perfect for printing larger models in one go.

Pros and Cons i Fast 3D Printer best Industrial Grade 3D Printer

  • Quick turnaround on projects
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Low cost
  • Ability to create complex designs
  • Ability to print multiple materials
  • Long setup time for each print
  • Limited material choices
  • High power consumption

Industrial Grade 3D Printer A9 Pro For Commercial Use  

if you are looking for the best Industrial Grade 3D Printer with Auto Bed Leveling a Fully is a professional grade 3D printer tailored for industrial use then go for A9. It is specifically designed to provide maximum performance and accuracy for the most demanding applications. With its auto bed leveling feature, the A9 Pro eliminates the need for manual bed leveling, which can be time-consuming and can cause inaccuracies in the printed objects. Its industrial-grade components ensure a reliable and consistent printing experience, even under the most challenging conditions.

The A9 Pro comes equipped with a heated build plate and a heated enclosure for printing ABS, PLA, PETG, and other advanced materials. This allows for more precise control over temperature and helps to ensure that the printed parts have a high-quality finish. The printer also features an integrated auto-leveling system, which can detect and correct any irregularities in the printing surface. This ensures that the object is printed accurately each and every time.

The A9 Pro is equipped with a fully enclosed aluminum frame, which provides a solid build platform and helps protect the interior components from dirt and dust. The printer also comes with an intuitive touchscreen interface, which makes it easy to navigate and control the printer’s settings. It is capable of printing up to a resolution of 0.


  • The Creality3D LD-002R boasts an ultra-large build volume of up to 500*400*600mm and is fully enclosed to maintain a constant temperature environment. 

  • Its stable body reduces vibrations during the printing process, enhancing the printing stability. 

  • It also features magnetic extrusion kits for quicker nozzle replacement in case of clogging, and auto bed leveling with self-adaptive leveling sensors. 

  • It is equipped with optical switch, Meanwell power supply, industrial linear rail, high precision ball screw, and dual feeding motors to ensure higher accuracy and stability.

  • In addition, there is a pulling-out storage tray design to prevent dust and debris from affecting printing materials and to keep filament from cycling disorderly. This 3D printer is suitable for industrial or educational purposes

Facts of A9 Pro 3D printer

Boasting an ultra-large build volume of up to 500400600mm, the full-enclosed structure of this 3D printer ensures a constant temperature environment, while its stable body reduces vibration during the printing process, thereby improving its stability. Moreover, it features a magnetic extrusion kits design, with magnetic suction nozzle kits connected for quicker and easier nozzle replacement in case of clogging, making assembly and maintenance easier. Furthermore, it is equipped with an auto bed leveling and self-adaptive leveling sensor which can be auto-calibrated with a simple click of the “LEVELING” button. In addition, it has optical switch, Meanwell power supply, industrial linear rail, high precision ball screw, and dual feeding motor, all ensuring greater accuracy and stability. Lastly, it has a pulling-out storage tray design which prevents dust and debris from affecting the printing materials, as well as stopping the filament from cycling disorderly, making it perfect for industrial or educational use.

An optical switch is ten times more accurate than a traditional mechanical switch, and can achieve high repeatability without any mechanical collisions.

Magnetic extrusion kits provide a convenient connection for quicker nozzle replacement in the event of clogging, enabling simpler assembly and maintenance.

Meanwell’s Brand Power Supply is an excellent choice, boasting reliable quality and service, supplying a stable and adequate power source with improved reliability and safety.

Ensuring that dust and debris don’t interfere with printing materials, the filament is kept from becoming disorderly. Even if there is a sudden power outage, the printer can continue where it left off. For added stability and precision, the Z-axis has three sets of screw rods as a part of its construction.

Pros and Cons of A9 3D Printer for Commercial Use

  • High-quality, accurate prints
  • Durable and robust construction
  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports a wide range of materials
  • Large build volume
  • Low price point
  • Fast printing speed
  • Excellent customer service
  • Limited connectivity options
  • No dual extrusion
  • Limited filament options

Industrial SLA 3D Printer JG-A600 Large Print Volume For Manufacturing

Industrial SLA 3D Printers have revolutionized the way businesses produce products and parts. The JG-A600 Large Print Volume is a perfect example of how advanced these systems have become. It offers a large build volume, high-precision 3D printing, and a variety of advanced features that make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

The JG-A600 features a large build volume of 600x600x600mm, giving businesses the ability to produce large parts and products. It also has a high-precision printing resolution of 0.01mm, allowing businesses to accurately create intricate designs with ease. The printer is also equipped with an advanced control system and a user-friendly interface, making it simple to operate.

The JG-A600 also has a variety of other features that make it an excellent choice for businesses. It is compatible with a wide range of materials, from plastics to metals, allowing businesses to choose the best material for their needs. It also has advanced support structures, allowing businesses to print complex shapes without sacrificing accuracy. Additionally, the printer has an enclosed design that helps maintain temperature and humidity levels for optimal printing quality.

Overall, the JG-A600 Large Print Volume is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a reliable and high-precision 3D printer. With its large build volume and advanced features, businesses can easily produce parts and products with precision and efficiency. Whether you’re looking for a printer for rapid prototyping or production-level manufacturing, the JG-A600 is a great option.


  • This 3D printer has a large printing volume of up to 23.6x22.8x14.9in with a precision level of 0.05 mm, enabling the production of intricate and complex parts and components.

  • It features a silicone plate and wire heating system, which is far more efficient than the conventional fan-based heating methods. 

  • Automatic liquid level regulation eliminates liquid surface fluctuation and enables a coating thickness of 0.05mm with a smooth and accurate print surface. 

  • This printer is also compatible with a variety of consumables, suitable for applications in medical orthopaedics, automotive, industrial structures, furniture, aerospace and aviation, and other medical fields,

  • Additionally, the patent technology core control element allows spot mode switching, increasing the printing speed to meet the demands of product development. New List Item

Facts of Industrial SLA 3D Printer JG-A600

The maximum build volume of this product is 23.6×22.8×14.9in. It is equipped with three types of lasers, namely Pulse, Ultraviolet and Full solid state laser, with a wavelength of 354.7nm and a wattage of 3W (100KHz). Its coating is done through full vacuum adsorption and has a standard layer thickness of 0.1mm, a quick speed layer thickness of 0.1-0.2mm and a precision layer thickness of 0.05mm.

The size of the spot is estimated to be between 0.12 and 0.3mm. The suggested scan speed is 6 meters per second, and the recommended jump speed is 12 meters per second. The production weight should be between 50 and 180 grams per hour. The vertical accuracy is around ±0.008mm and the repeatability is estimated to be ±0.015mm. The resin tank can hold up to 230 liters (557 pounds) and is heated using a silicone plate and heating wire. The maximum print weight for each unit is 176 pounds.

Facts of  Best Industrial Grade 3D Printer JG-A600

Pros and Cons Industrial SLA 3D Printer JG-A600 Large Print Volume For Manufacturing

  • Large 600mm x 600mm x 600mm build volume can accommodate large projects
  • High precision printing with a minimum layer thickness of 0.05mm
  • Ability to print multiple materials including PLA, ABS, Nylon, PVA, PETG, TPU, and PC
  • Includes a heated print bed for improved adhesion and higher quality prints
  • Supports multiple file formats including STL, OBJ, AMF, and BMP
  • Fully automated calibration and printing process
  • High initial cost
  • Relatively slow print speeds


How much is an industrial grade 3D printer?

Professional FDM 3D printers typically start at around $2,500, and large-format professional FDM printers start at approximately $4,000. The most advanced industrial FDM printers can cost well over $10,000; however, many of these printers come pre-assembled and pre-calibrated, or they have the capability to auto-calibrate.

What kind of 3D printer does NASA use?

NASA uses several different types of 3D printers, including fused deposition modeling (FDM), Stereolithography (SLA), and Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) printers. The most famous 3D printer used in space Is zero-gravity 3D printer

Which 3D printer will be used On Mars?

At this time, no 3D printer has been used on Mars. However, NASA is currently working on a 3D printer that can be used on Mars, called the Mars In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) 3D Printer. This printer will be able to print out parts for use on the planet’s surface.

Is there is any 3D printer for House Manufacturing?

Yes, some 3D printers are capable of printing house components such as walls, floors, roof tiles, and more. 3D printing can be used to create entire houses either from scratch or from prefabricated parts. However, 3D printing is still in its early stages and is not yet as widely available or cost-effective as traditional construction methods.

Some of the popular 3D printers for house manufacturing are:

  1. Apis Cor
  2. Icon
  3. Kamermaker
  4. WASP
  5. Fabbaloo
  6. XtreeE
  7. Contour Crafting
  8. CyBe Construction
  9. WinSun


In conclusion, the best industrial-grade 3D printers on Amazon are the X-CF Pro Industrial Grade 3D Printer, A9 Pro 3d printer, and JG-A600 Large Print Volume. These 3D printers offer fast printing, large print volumes, and high-quality prints. They are perfect for industrial-grade 3D printing applications. With the right 3D printer for your needs, you will be able to create amazing projects with ease, now it all depended upon on your pocket I,e budget.

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